April is Still Love Month

It may have been April Fools' Day for many, but for the BCBP Imus Youth, it was a perfect day to spread love. On April 1, 2017, the BCBP Imus Youth once again had their breakfast gathering at The Orchard Golf and Country Club with around thirty attendees. The program began with an opening prayer led … Continue reading April is Still Love Month

The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages Test By Dr. Gary Chapman Read each pair of statements and choose the one that best describes you. Add total number of answers: A. _____ Words of Affirmation B. _____ Quality Time C. _____ Receiving Gifts D. _____ Acts of Service E. _____ Physical Touch Results: These love languages don't only apply … Continue reading The Five Love Languages

Let Yourself Be Mercy’d

Long ago and far away, I heard Bo Sanchez sing: My heart like garments I rend Oh I cry to Thee, save me from my guilt My heart now broken I send For Thou my only hope, life and breath… (author unknown) For many of us, Lent is particularly associated with repentance and sacrifice. We … Continue reading Let Yourself Be Mercy’d

April 1, 2017 Breakfast Invitation

Are you fond of hugging your parents? Do you feel loved when your siblings help you with the chores? How does it feel when you know that your family members and friends understand your feelings? Know more about your love language and get to know the inner you!

Throwback: First BCBP Imus Youth Breakfast

One of the Goals of NSPR5 discussed during the National Leaders’ Retreat last Oct. 2-4, 2015 held in Cebu City is to have Youth Programs under the item “Intensify Pastoral Care”. In support of the formation of the Family Life Directorate of BCBP Imus Chapter, we have initiated in 2016 our program for our BCBP … Continue reading Throwback: First BCBP Imus Youth Breakfast

More in March

Last March 4, 2017, Saturday, the BCBP Imus Youth had their monthly breakfast gathering hosted by Claudine Faylogna, our Youth Coordinator, to discuss various matters and new activities. The breakfast gathering started with an opening prayer led by Gemarie Arais, one of the members of the Kids' Committee. We then introduced ourselves and had a short sharing … Continue reading More in March

March 4, 2017 Breakfast Invitation

Come join us at the BCBP Imus Youth Breakfast this March 4, 2017, Saturday, at the Orchard Golf & Country Club! Meet new friends and be part of a group where you can have fun and serve the Lord at the same time! (While everyone is welcome, we are especially inviting youth ages 15 and … Continue reading March 4, 2017 Breakfast Invitation