#seeYOUTH | Message from the Youth Head

Here's a thank you message from the BCBP Youth Head herself! From: Claudine Faylogna *Warning: Long post ahead 😂 When the BCBP Imus Youth decided that a benefit concert will be our fund raising activity, being the Youth Head, I told everyone that we've got to put our whole heart on this. Fast-forward to the practices and meetings, we barely … Continue reading #seeYOUTH | Message from the Youth Head


BCBP Imus Youth Retreat Weekend Testimonies

Before the retreat, I was feeling doubtful and felt obliged to come. I felt more “I need to go” than “I want to go” because my parents told me to. I am more like the typical teenager who hates everyone and hates herself even more. I am that typical teenager who loves to procrastinate that … Continue reading BCBP Imus Youth Retreat Weekend Testimonies