Comeback is Real

After their back-to-back activities, the BCBP Imus Youth is back for their usual breakfast at The Orchard Golf & Country Club.

Anamarie Arais (Secretariat) hosted the July breakfast. It began with an opening prayer led by Daniela Lucero and an opening song prepared by the Youth Music Ministry. They had “catching-up” conversations after not seeing each other for a month. First timers introduced themselves and the BCBP Imus Youth family just keeps getting bigger as time goes by.


While the Youth was eating their sumptuous breakfast, a short but very inspiring talk was shared by our very own RCD, Rene Medrocillo, about the values instilled during the Youth Camp’s activities. He enumerated the challenges with its corresponding life lessons that they all can relate:

First, the “Be on time” Challenge, what does being on time or being late gives us? As simple as, if we give effort on being always on time, you will never have to worry on missing something that can be very important and you will feel at ease.

Second, “Flag & Camp Base making”, by making their flags, they make their own identity. Their flags represent who and what they really are. As they make their camp base, they are building their territory; and with this they’ll learn to protect and give importance to what are theirs.

Next is the “Amazing Race”, it represents different stages in life that we should all undergo, followed by the “Cooking contest” during dinner time, the fulfilment of contributing and working really hard to provide something for others.

The main event of the night, the “Bonfire and presentation”, everyone showed their talents. As they enjoyed the evening over bonfire, chips, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows, the camaraderie and bond got really strong, and it wouldn’t have been like that if it weren’t for each and every one of them.

Lastly, as they took the “Obstacle course”, the BCBP elders guided them and made sure they’d finish the course safely with smiles on their faces. Just like what happens in real life, we shouldn’t be afraid to take advice and guidance from those who know better.

RCD Rene also emphasized the “buddy system” during the Youth Camp. Wherever you go, you should not be alone, because certainly, no man is an island.

To summarize what RCD Rene Medrocillo shared:

  1. Valuing others
  2. Overcoming your limitations
  3. Dependence, Independence & Interdependence
  4. Taking care of others
  5. Taking responsibility

By finishing their food, the Youth showed a very special greeting they prepared for the June and July celebrants.

After two blessed and successful activities, the Youth Retreat weekend and the Youth camp, surely there is still more from the BCBP Imus Youth. Yes there is! They had their activity planning led by the Family Life Directors, Gerry and Marissa Arais and Youth Coordinator, Claudine Faylogna.


As to their initial plan, there will be an activity regarding basic safety precautions on September and an outreach program on November (still tentative dates).  They are planning to have a fund-raising to support their projects and activities; and as the Youth actively participated on what’s the best thing to do, they came up with a possible idea. STAY TUNED BECAUSE EVERYONE’S INVITED TO AN UPCOMING ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT TO BE ORGANIZED BY THE BCBP IMUS YOUTH!


The July breakfast had been very productive for everyone.  They ended the program with excitement and hope in their hearts, and a closing prayer led by Monica Pechino.

God bless us all!

– Cristina Somera, BCBP Imus Youth – Program Committee


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