Youth Unites for the First Ever BCBP Imus Youth Camp

Most of us must have probably been preparing for the first day of school but the BCBP Imus Youth welcomed the month of June with their exciting and thrilling Youth Camp which happened in Jabez Campsite, Dasmarinas, Cavite on June 3-4, 2017. After the successful Retreat, they were divided into 2 groups: The TeamOG (Oh God) / Red Team and Team Kraton Getih (KG – Kay God) / Blue Team. They were given a month to prepare and plan about the things they needed for the camp. They were assigned to make their own foods and think of their own tribe names.

The first three activities tested the teams’ creativity as they were asked to make their own tribe flags and camp bases. It was followed by the “Treasure Hunt / Amazing Race” wherein the teams should accomplish challenges in every station before they could finally look for the ‘treasure’.


When the night came, the two teams were asked for a cook off where they needed to present two similar dishes in good presentation.

After dinner, the two teams were asked to make a group presentation to showcase their talent during the Bonfire. After the presentation, the youth bonded over the bonfire over roasted marshmallows, hotdogs, stories, and laughter.


When Sunday morning came, the two teams battled for the obstacle relays and water games. After all the activities, the youth bonded over the pool and played their own games and have some quality time after the two days of activities and hard work.


The youth, the service team, and guests ended the Youth Camp as they bonded over a big Boodle fight. The Blue Team won as the overall scores were tallied but everyone shared over the prize.  “I saw the improvement of the youth. It showed camaraderie, the bond, and the sportsmanship as they showed that the games were just for fun,” said by the Family Life Director Gerry Arais.


The winning team, the Blue Team, received their award for being the winner in the Youth Camp battles.



Meanwhile, the Red Team showed sportsmanship because it’s the fun, experience, and bonding that matter.



In the end, it’s the friendships formed that matter.

– Gemmarie Arais, BCBP Imus Youth – Kids’ Committee

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