BCBP Imus Youth Retreat Weekend Testimonies

Before the retreat, I was feeling doubtful and felt obliged to come. I felt more “I need to go” than “I want to go” because my parents told me to. I am more like the typical teenager who hates everyone and hates herself even more. I am that typical teenager who loves to procrastinate that lives with the saying “my brain functions better under pressure”. I am that typical teenager who forgets to pray and just remember calling God when I needed something.

But will you believe me when I told you that everything can change in a weekend?

After our weekend retreat, I felt more relieved and felt this peaceful and relaxing feeling. My dad asked me since he’s the one who organized the retreat, “How’s the retreat?” I don’t know how to answer him with all the flooding emotions and how much I changed over the weekend so as a typical teenager I answered him, “It was okay.” But it was more than okay actually; I just can’t explain my mood at the moment. I learned a lot of things in a weekend. After almost a week now I continue talking to God before and after sleeping. I talk to him how my day was and how my dreams went and how thankful I am for another day to come. I talk to him when I feel down and insecure. Talking to him was my own meditation. After forgiving people and myself as well, I never felt relaxed and happy. Now I am not that “typical teenager” but I am That Teenager who can face any problem with God beside me and That Teenager who will now inspire and welcome new youth to join and believe that God is love and nothing is impossible in the name of the Lord.

– Gemmarie Arais, BCBP Imus Youth – Kids Committee

We discussed a lot of things during the Youth Retreat and I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve learned how to manage my time properly. I’ve learned that we must prioritize the most important things first. I’ve also learned about the importance of prayer. Prayer is our way to communicate to God.

I’ve also learned how to heal our Inner pains. “Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace.” In order to have a self-peace, we must learn how to forgive others and stop being bitter.

– Darlene Guleng, BCBP Imus Youth – Secretariat Committee

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