Soul Treat at BCBP Imus Youth Retreat

Perhaps May is just another month of the summer vacation for many – additional time for different activities with our friends and families while battling with the high temperature brought by the season. Likewise, the BCBP Imus Youth had the month welcomed by warmth of love, faith, and healing through the first ever Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals Youth Retreat Weekend held last May 6-7, 2017 at the BLD Covenant House and Retreat Center located in Dasmarińas, Cavite.


The retreat was organized by the BCBP Imus Family Life Directorate. The BCBP Imus Youth had their assembly at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. An opening song was sung to formally start the Youth Retreat, followed by an opening prayer led by Bro. Willy San Diego. The retreat weekend had a total of five talks, which were given by five well-respected professionals from the BCBP Imus Chapter.

The first talk, entitled Discipline of Time was given by Bro. Rhad Somera. During this talk, the obstacles of growth, Christian principles for managing time (generosity, faithfulness, orderly life), and tips for proper time management were the subtopics highlighted. The second talk, delivered by Bro. Jun Villena, pertains to overcoming obstacles to follow Christ. The talk focused on the solutions to the four obstacles namely: (1) The World, (2) The Flesh, (3) The Devil and Evil Spirits, and (4) Past Sins and Pains. Moreover, the third speaker, Bro. Nooky Umali talked about prayer – from statistics, importance, and the structure of a prayer. Healing one’s inner pains and forgiveness became the highlights of the fourth talk given by Bro. Rene Medrocillo. It was the last talk for the first day of the retreat weekend, hence the participants were asked to write a letter about forgiveness and their personal resolutions which were later singed before the day officially ended.


The second and last day of the retreat weekend started with a morning prayer and a short worship led by Bro. Bong Santos. The fifth talk, with the subject of personality development, was presented by Sis. Mitch Ancheta. The talk was about discovering one’s personality and building one’s personal brand.


After every session, response songs were sung and the participants were distributed among four groups for the group sharing and discussion about everyone’s reflections, experiences, and realizations in relation to the topics discussed during the talks. It was also a time where they opened themselves up to each other.


After all the talks, they were then grouped for their upcoming Youth Camp next month.


The participants, together with their parents, ended the BCBP Imus Youth Retreat Weekend with a celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Father Stevanus Suharna from the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette.

– Celine Faylogna, BCBP Imus Youth – Program Committee

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