April is Still Love Month

It may have been April Fools’ Day for many, but for the BCBP Imus Youth, it was a perfect day to spread love.

On April 1, 2017, the BCBP Imus Youth once again had their breakfast gathering at The Orchard Golf and Country Club with around thirty attendees.


The program began with an opening prayer led by Celine Faylogna, followed by the singing of the opening song, “Our God” by Chris Tomlin. It was followed by the introduction of first timers, which indeed gave smiles to the previous attendees because of the multiplied number of new faces. A short sharing of the previous month’s activities proceeded thereafter as the Family Life Directorate, Gerry Arais, explained to the first-timers the goals and plans of the BCBP Imus Youth.


After enjoying a sumptuous breakfast over sharing and quick chats, the group proceeded with the month’s highlight — the discovery of their Love Language. This activity was brainstormed by the Program Committee during their meeting last month.

The attendees were asked to answer The Five Love Languages Test to discover their dominant love language. Jeramil Ramos, a member of the Program Committee, guided everyone while answering the test. Each love language was discussed afterwards by the Youth Coordinator, Claudine Faylogna.

The results were to be collated and sent to the parents. This activity aims to unite the parents and their children in showing their love and affection with each other. Letting the parents know their child’s love language would help them understand their child more.


(You may also see for yourself The Five Love Languages Test and see the meaning of the results here.)

After everyone’s active participation, the teens and young professionals went on with their monthly meeting as the kids had their separate playing time. They have discussed their plans for their upcoming retreat on May and team building on June.


The gathering ended with a closing prayer led by Jeramil Ramos followed by the closing song, “Today is the Day” by Lincoln Brewster. The program was hosted by a regular breakfaster, Gemmarie Arais.


Love isn’t just for February — for the BCBP Imus Youth, it’s all year round. ❤

– Claudine Faylogna, BCBP Imus Youth Coordinator

2 thoughts on “April is Still Love Month

  1. May all millinials like you be inspired to join and participate in all the upcoming and equally interesting activities of the group. It’s time to invite your friends and all your soon to be friends!

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