More in March

Last March 4, 2017, Saturday, the BCBP Imus Youth had their monthly breakfast gathering hosted by Claudine Faylogna, our Youth Coordinator, to discuss various matters and new activities.

The breakfast gathering started with an opening prayer led by Gemarie Arais, one of the members of the Kids’ Committee. We then introduced ourselves and had a short sharing about the task that was given to us last month, which was the pagmamano to our parents and to the elders since most of us already prefer to kiss our parents instead of greeting them the traditional way. After the sharing, we were asked to choose a committee wherein the members had a short meeting for their plans and projects. The program ended with a prayer led by one of the babies of the group, Julienne Antonio.

The kids enjoyed playing board games and coloring books while their Kuya’s and Ate’s were having their meeting.
Everyone was given the chance to share their insights about last month’s task.
And it’s not just about serious discussions! We were all having fun with our planning session, too! Who wouldn’t be excited for a retreat and a camping?

It was indeed a well-spent Saturday morning with the Lord and with our newfound friends.

– Darlene Guleng, BCBP Imus Youth – Secretariat Committee

2 thoughts on “More in March

  1. CONGRATULATIONS for taking this bold step! St John Paul exhorts you “Dear young people, I invite you especially to take concrete initiatives of solidarity and sharing alongside and with those who are poorest. Participate generously in one or another of the projects through which, in the different countries, others of your contemporaries are involved in gestures of fraternity and solidarity. This will be a way of “restoring” to the Lord in the persons of the poor at least something of all He has given to you who are more fortunate. It can also give immediate visible expression to a fundamental option: to give your life a definite orientation towards God and for others.” – St. John Paul II (His Message on the Occasion of the 14th WYD, From the Vatican, 6 January 1999, Solemnity of the Lord’s Epiphany)

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    1. Thank you for taking to visit the BCBP Imus Youth blog! Rest assured that we will be including you in our prayers and that we will continue spreading God’s promises in our own little ways. God bless you!


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