A Bolder BCBP Imus Youth

In 2016, the BCBP Imus Youth Breakfast was initialized under the headship of the former Family Life Director Emerson & Frelie Faylogna (now PSD) to facilitate BCBP kids, teens and young professionals while their parents are having their own Saturday breakfast. The breakfast takes place every first Saturday of the month, and since it was formed, a lot of activities had already been done successfully, including Time Management Workshop, Handmade Rosaries, and other minor team building activities.

After the Southern Tagalog Region I installation last January 28, 2017, the Family Life Directorate (FLD) has been bestowed upon the hands of Gerry & Marissa Arais.

On February 4, 2017, the first Youth Breakfast for this year was catered at the Orchard Golf & Country Club in Cavite, the same venue for BCBP Imus breakfast. The FLD presided the meeting and as agreed with the initial attendees, appointed Claudine Faylogna, daughter of current PSD, as the Youth Coordinator.

All the initial members of each committee (Secretariat, Program, Music Ministry and Kids’ Activities) were very happy and excited with what’s yet to come. The BCBP Imus Youth niched those who are at least 15 years of age so that more concrete activities and projects could be launched. It is not, however, limited to a particular age group and is open to every youth who is committed in serving.

The BCBP Youth already has initial projects for 2017 in line with the mission and vision of BCBP, like retreat, youth camping, sports fest, and gift giving. The group is really positive that they could spread the values of BCBP to future businessmen and professionals. It also aims to strengthen the formation of BCBP Youth Group in the BCBP community, and to give focus on the basic unit of society, the family.

– Claudine Faylogna, BCBP Imus Youth Coordinator

2 thoughts on “A Bolder BCBP Imus Youth

  1. May I gladly give you my firm affirmation and commendation for doing right and taking the first steps towards providing a channel for our youth to grow in responsibility and faithful stewardship in their young years in the BCBP. God bless you all.


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